Headquartered in Columbia, MD; Howard County, the Chesapeake Chapter of CAI (CAI/CRC) serves the State of Maryland except for Montgomery, Prince Georges, Frederick, Charles and St. Mary's counties. The Maryland and Delaware Eastern Shore areas are also a part of the Chapter. When an individual, community, or professional joins CAI National, they also become a member of the local chapter based on their personal and/or business address. If a member wishes to choose their chapter, that option is available to them.

The Chesapeake Chapter schedules many educational programs for both the homeowner, board member and community volunteer, as well as the managers/management companies that work with these associations. The Chapter sponsors a variety of social/networking events, including an annual golf outing and a holiday social. One of the most successful events that the Chapter offers is the Annual Business Symposium/Expo which concentrates on a specific issue relating to the community association industry. With over 85 vendor companies, the Expo portion of this event offers tremendous opportunity for homeowners and managers to meet with qualified contractors and business professionals.

The Chapter also sponsors five educational breakfast programs annually. Each focuses on a different subject and draws up to 180 homeowners and management professionals and business partners. Together with the Washington Metro Chapter, CAI/CRC strives to represent community associations by serving on the Maryland Legislative Action Committee (MD-LAC). This committee represents the interests of community association residents and professionals before the Maryland Legislature, Congress and federal agencies. Homeowners, managers and attorneys are given the opportunity to serve on this influential committee.

The Chapter publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled 'The Beacon' in addition to maintaining this extensive website (

CAI provides education, tools and resources to people who govern and manage homeowners associations, condominiums and other planned communities. Our mission is to help you make your community a better—even preferred—place to call home.

CAI is a national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, competent, harmonious community associations. For more than 45 years, CAI has been the leader in providing education and resources to the volunteer homeowners who govern community associations and the professionals who support them. Our members include community association volunteer leaders, professional managers, community management firms and other professionals and companies that provide products and services to associations.

Working closely with our state, regional and local chapters (almost 60 nationwide), we bring together experts to provide the latest information on community association management and governance. We serve our members with books, seminars and workshops, research, continuing education and periodicals, including Common Ground magazine and specialized newsletters on community association management, governance and law.

CAI also advocates for legislative and regulatory policies that support responsible governance and effective management. We represent the interests of our members before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and other policy-setting bodies on issues such as taxes, insurance, bankruptcy reform and fair housing. In addition, state Legislative Action Committees represent CAI members before state legislatures and agencies on issues such as assessment collection, foreclosure and construction defects


T. Allen Mott,

Cowie & Mott, P.A.
2319 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
410-327-1111 (fax)
2nd Term Exp.: 12/19
Maura Hancock, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Condominium Venture, Inc., AAMC

6300 Woodside Ct. Ste. 10
Columbia, MD 21046
301-596-2082 (fax)
2nd Term Exp.: 12/20
Vicki Eaton, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM, President Elect
Community Association Services, Inc., AAMC
2470 Stoney Creek Road
Frederick, MD 21701
1st Term Exp.: 12/21
Bill Hasselman,
Becht Engineering BT
10753 B Birmingham Way
Woodstock, MD 21163
908-580-0220 (fax)
2nd Term Exp.: 12/19
B.K. Swartwood, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Vice President
Comsource Management, Inc., AAMC
7753 Wynbrook Road
Baltimore, MD  21224
1st Term Exp.: 12/21
Roderick G. Clark, III
The Towers Condominium, Inc.
3041 Fallstaff Rd. Unit 205
Baltimore, MD 21209
2nd Term Exp.: 12/21
Ruth Harlan, Treasurer
Carroll Vista Community Association
106 Clubside Drive
Taneytown, MD 21787
2nd Term Exp.: 12/20

Camille G. Cimino
Chapter Executive Director
Angela Marsh
  Membership Services Associate
Kathleen Abdo
Membership Services Associate

Chesapeake Region Chapter, CAI
8901 Herrmann Dr. Suite B
Columbia, MD 21045
410-431-1666 (fax)

Board members may serve two (2) consecutive terms; each term is for three (3) years

As of 1/16/19

Gail Windisch, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Secretary
Tidewater Property Management, AAMC
3706 Crondall Lane, Suite 105
Owings Mills, MD  21117
443-548-0196 (fax)
1st Term Exp.:  12/21
Kerrie Zander, AMS, PCAM
DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal
300 Nevada Avenue
Odenton, MD 21113
1 st Term Exp.: 12/20



Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Chesapeake Region Chapter, CAI
8901 Herrmann Dr. Suite B
Columbia, MD 21045
410-431-1666 (fax)


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Committees are one of the most valuable resources in achieving the Chapter’s goals. All committees work under the authority of the Board of Directors, which approves all committee programs, budgets, and expenditures. The committee structure is a means for broadening members’ involvement in the Chapter and for sharing the workload. The Chapter Staff rely on committee members to serve as sounding boards offering their creative opinion as well as sharing the resources they have available to them to help the Chapter achieve its goals. Committee involvement is also a natural stepping stone for one day serving on the Chapter’s Board of Directors.

For Managers, CAI National recognizes one’s time spent serving on a Chapter committee when a manager is working towards a CAI designation.

The Chesapeake Chapter has established the following committees:

Mission: To strengthen and promote the Chapter by recruiting new members and retaining existing members.

Assist monthly in welcoming new members by phone or email, asking them if they have any questions about any member services and encourage/invite them to attend an upcoming program. They also contact non-member homeowners who have previously attended a Chapter seminar and ask them for feedback and see if there would be an interested in their association joining CAI.

Create incentive programs for Chapter members to promote joining CAI to their colleagues, clients and suppliers. Committee members serve as Mentors, offering their time to help a fellow member with a problem or refer them to someone who could help them. Committee members greet colleagues as they arrive at the Chapter Breakfast Programs and especially try to make the first-time attendees feel welcome. They are our Chapter’s “Cheerleaders”! Committee meetings are generally held after a Breakfast Seminar or via conference call. Committee members are to alternate manning a table at the Annual Expo to welcome non-members and talk about joining CAI.
Chair: Ron Bridge, Weaver Bros. Insurance Associates, Inc.
Vice-Chair: Matthew Dozier, FirstService Residential

Mission: To develop a strong educational general session program for homeowners and managers; to build an Expo consisting of a wide variety of Business Providers & Professionals; to raise funds for the Chapter. 

Prepare a creation of an agenda and outline for the Board approved Expo topic including the afternoon seminar topics, selection of speakers, establishing Vendor booth fees, developing sponsorship opportunities, etc. Committee reviews all expenses and determines the attendee registration fees. Monthly planning meetings will take place at the Chapter office from March thru September.
Co-Chairs: Ellen Throop, Elmore & Throop & Mike Romano, Community Association Underwriters of America

Mission: To plan and implement educational seminar programs for all Chapter members, with an emphasis on providing educational programs for members of all membership types (i.e., homeowner volunteers, business partners, managers), including members on the Eastern Shore.

The committee is tasked with the responsibility of compiling a list of timely topics which would then be reviewed by the membership at the Chapter’s Annual Planning Retreat (September). The committee also makes recommendations for the homeowner seminars sponsored by the Chapter. Meetings are held in May, June and July.
Chair: Susan Blackburn, Community Association Management Professionals
Vice-Chair: Christy Stevens, Community Association Management

Mission: To offer members an annual event that is entertaining and provides an environment conducive to networking; to recognize volunteers and board members for their terms of service and their accomplishments over the past year; to raise sponsorships; to build attendance and net a profit.

Help in generating attendees, building sponsorships and creating a fun environment for this annual event. The Committee reviews the food, entertainment, costs and agenda for the event and makes recommendations to the Board. Committee has a meeting in June & July and then communicates via email and phone. Committee members provide assistance in contacting Business Partners for sponsorship. 
Chair: Stephani Witles, Atlantic Maintenance Group
Vice-Chair: Valerie Robinette, Community Management Corporation

Mission: To create and solicit articles for the Chapter quarterly newsletter, The Beacon.

Submit articles to the Chapter office that will provide timely information to the membership on trends, governance issues, legislation, new resources and more! Articles should be topical and are to be generic in nature, not an advertisement for a company. Review Beacon advertising rates and make recommendations to the Board. Most committee meetings are held monthly by conference call.
Chair: Dani Bressler, Toepfer Construction
Vice-Chair: Don Plank, National Cooperative Bank

Mission: To assist the Chapter with the onsite logistics for the PMDP courses for Managers.

Provide staff to handle the onsite registration check-in for the local Professional Manager Development Program (PMDP) classes that the Chapter offers in the Baltimore/Annapolis area. Managers receive continuing education credits for volunteering.
Chair: Jonathan Rosenberg, WPM Real Estate Management

Mission: To reach out and to provide educational programs to chapter members and potential members who live and/or work on the Eastern Shore.

Help promote CAI to homeowners, managers and business partners on the Eastern Shore; build attendance at the Seminars that are hosted on the Eastern Shore; encourage carpooling to and from the Eastern Shore to the Chapter’s Breakfast Programs held in the Baltimore/Annapolis area, and encourage attendance at the Chapter’s Annual Expo and Symposium. Work together with the other organizations to bring education to the eastern shore and build membership in CAI.
Co-Chairs: Chad Toms, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston & Lisa Meck, Legum & Norman

Mission: To coordinate the Chapter’s Annual Golf Outing which helps to raise funds for the Chapter and promotes camaraderie among the membership.

Committee will work together to plan the Annual Golf Outing which is held in June. The Chapter encourages homeowner and manager members and business partners to play in the event. Committee members are responsible for contacting Business partners about being a sponsor and/or to see if they would like to buy a foursome. Monthly planning meetings take place from January thru June at the Chapter office.
Chair: Scott Karam, Kolb Electric
Vice-Chair: Kara Permisohn, Minkoff Company

Maryland Legislative Action Committee:
Chair: Steve Randol, Piney Orchard Community Association


1979 - Howard Cihak, PCAM®
1980 - Stephen Bupp, PCAM®, CVI, Inc.
1981 - P. Michael Nagle, Esq., Nagle & Zaller, P.C.
1982 - P. Michael Nagle, Esq., Nagle & Zaller, P.C.
1983 - JoAnn Aguilar
1984 - Michael Mannes, Esq., Law Office of Michael Mannes
1985 - James Faust, PCAM®, Comanco
1986 - Roger W. Brown
1987 - James Faust, PCAM®, Comanco
1988 - JoAnn Aguilar
1989 - Buck Mann, Mann Properties
1990 - Jean Procino, Comanco
1991 - Richard Ransom, Esquire
1992 - Frank Stromyer, CPM, PCAM®, Wallace H. Campbell & Co.
1993 - Raymond Via, Esq., Linowes & Blocher, LLP
1994 - Thomas Whidden, Community Landscape Services
1995 - Stanley J. Sersen, RS, Architectural Support Group
1996 - Tanis Gartmond, AMS®, PCAM®, Wallace H. Campbell & Co.
1997 - Lauren Hamm
1998 - Dwight Clark, Esq., Law Office of Dwight Clark
1999 - Sari McLeod, PCAM®, Wallace H. Campbell & Co.
2000 - Charles Becht, Sr., Becht EngineeringBT, Inc.
2001 - Cynthia Hitt Kent, Law Office of Cynthia Hitt Kent
2002 - Craig Zaller, Esq., Nagle & Zaller, P.C.
2003 - Louise Hood, Residential Realty Group
2004 - William Hasselman, Becht Engineering BT, Inc.
2005 - Noelle Navarro, DRD Pool Management
2006 - Leslie Matyas, Potomac Basin Group Associates
2007 - Ariel Phoenix, Pleasant Hills HOA
2008 - Allen Watts, DRD Pool Management
2009 - Scott Silverman, Nagle & Zaller, P.C.
2010 - Ellen Throop, Elmore & Throop, P.C.
2011 - Kara Permisohn, Minkoff Company
2012 - Joe Jordan, Becht Engineering, left Feb 2012
2012 - B.K. Wallbrunn, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Community Management Corporation - Completed the year as President
2013 - B.K. Wallbrunn, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Community Management Corporation
2014 - Judyann Lee, Linowes and Blocher, LLP
2015 - Gary Saylor, Atlantic Maintenance Group
2016 - Neil Alioto, Eden Brook Condominium
2017 - Gianna Rahmani, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Tidewater Property Management
2018 - Ruth Harlan, Carroll Vista Community Association